Kingdom New Lands Trainer

Kingdom New Lands Trainer

Download trainer Kingdom New Lands v1.0 Plus 9 Trainer by DEViATTED.

Trainer Options:

Numpad1 - Infinite Gold

Numpad2 - Infinite Stamina

Numpad3 - Instant Build

Super Speed

Fast Recruit

All Villagers

Note: Pick up some coins and build items for the cheats to take effect. Keep trying to activate the cheat if it fails the first time.

Download trainer free. Use this link for downloading kingdom new lands cheat

Thanks for sharing DEViATTED 😉

Homefront The Revolution Trainer

Homefront The Revolution Trainer

Download trainer Homefront The Revolution v1.0 Plus 10 Trainer by fling.

Trainer Options:

Num 1 – Infinite Health Num 2 – Infinite Ammo + Throwables Num 3 – No Reload Num 4 – Infinite Money Num 5 – Infinite Unlock Points Num 6 – Infinite Resources Num 7 – Freeze Hacking Time Num 8 – Shop Unlock All Wepons

PgUp – Super Speed PgDn – Slow Motion

Home – Disable All

Download trainer free. Thanks for sharing fling 😉