2019 Art Beijing Ends, Unfolding Diversified Development Trends


On May 3, the four-day 14th Art Beijing art fair has successfully concluded at the National Agricultural Exhibition Centerin Beijing. This event exhibited art works of more than 190 art institutions from 20 countries and regions. Meanwhile, the art fair integrated China's artistic power, highlighting the charm and value of Chinese art.



The domestic art market has fluctuated and art fair industry is constantly facing fierce competition. Under this backdrop, Art Beijing, based on the core philosophy of "Locally based and Asia-oriented", promptly adjusted the service scale and scope of each major exhibition art sections: contemporary art, classics, design, video art, youth art (Nova Art Fair) and public art. This enriched and diversified exhibition forms by designing four major academic themes including "Nomination of Video Art for Post-90s","Charm of Printmaking", "Find", "Art! World".



This year's Art Beijing art fair attracted participants from many galleries, institutions, and media. There has also been a growing number of participants at an annual rate of 20% and expansion of the exhibition scale. The exhibits cover various domains such as graphic design, three-dimensional design, design and new media, as well as the number of exhibits rising by 43%. The artwork transaction grew steadily, with 80% of exhibitors having completed a transaction. The highest price for a single piece of art reached 5 million yuan and the proportion of buyers who bought more than 3 pieces of work on site increased by 15%.




14th Anniversary

120,000 visitors

190 exhibitors

Highest price for a single piece of artwork sold reached 5 million yuan

The number of exhibits rose by 43%

Artworks priced at 30,000-50,000 yuan were most welcomed

An increase in 15% of buyers purchasing over 3 pieces of art work on site.

Public forums and social aesthetic education projects increased by 10%

The consumption for artwork held by the public keeps warming up and the artworks priced at 30,000-50,000 yuan enjoy the highest popularity. The home products, decorative sculptures and jewelry are most favored; the video art and public art are chased by the young people due to their interactivity and novelty.The production designed by young artists sells very well because the purchasing power of the “Millennial Generation” has increased remarkably; public forums and social aesthetic education projects have also increased by 10%. Art Beijing will continuously conduct more activities to cultivate the market as well as appeal to the aesthetic taste of the public. All these reflect that the purchasing power structure of the current art market in China




During the three-day public open day, the number of visitors was equal to that of the last Art Beijing. The collection market features diversity and young collectors, which provides rich collectors for the participating galleries that also reflects the Chinese art market involving young participators and fans. It also proves a significant role Art Beijing has played in cultivating aesthetic education and art market.




In order to improve the viewing experience and art appreciation, Art Beijing and Lang Huazhi launched a WeChat applet this year that allows the viewers to keep well informed of the latest news about the art fair while visiting the exhibition, thus delivering a smart visiting experience.




At the same time, the Art Beijing store ART BEIJING Boutique also officially launched its WeChat applet. The sales of the Art Beijing store Flash Shop opened at the fair has far exceeded expectations, which demonstrates that there is huge potential and growth space for public consumption demand for art.




The 2019 Design Beijing has also reached its fifth year. Design Beijing has always incorporated the aesthetic standards of art, the cutting-edge thinking of design and the daily needs of life in order to build a realistic platform of “Beyond Design”, through which it continues to meet people's needs and expectations for design. The theme of this year is “Design for Ourselves”, with the intention to return the focus to explore human self-value. The fair aims to discover and recommend more excellent designs suitable for the Chinese peopleand connect more people  with art, life and even the future through “design”.




2019 Design Beijing, covering 7 special programs and 7 forums, presented more than 60 outstanding design brands and 100 excellent young designers from 10 different countries and regions in three venues.



Design Beijing in this year has undoubtedly become the most content-rich session to date, offering a feast for the eyes including costume jewelry design, interior design, art derivatives, catalogue publishing, pop art, and Chinese craftsmanship. Same as last year, all the participating brands in this event have also witnessed an increase in their sales.




As an exposition themed “Art, Design and Life”, Design Beijing has been exploring the possibility in breaking boundaries, in an attempt to return art and design to life, recommending the outstanding and unique art design works to the public, all while lighting up the living space by art design. In the past five years, Design Beijing has been moving towards this goal. In the days to come, Design Beijing will discover more excellent design works and offer a more unique and rich design experience in future exhibition.




Mr. Dong Mengyang, founder of Art Beijing, said in an interview with the media: “A total of 14 sessions of Art Beijing havebeen heldso far; we hope to offer a more diversified Art Beijing and a better Chinese art fair that best represents a business, education and service.



Mr. Dong Mengyang, founder of Art Beijing


In the past 14 years, Art Beijing providedan amazing visual feast one after another, making countless people feel the charm of art. Along with the growing consumer demand for mass culture and the steady development of the domestic art market, Art Beijing will look forward to the15th anniversary of Art Beijing and embrace an art collection and consumption era in the spirit of sincerity and professionalism.


We would like to thank the Beijing Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau for their full support, as well as all partners, media partners and friends who have always supported Art Beijing. We will see you all next year!



(Some of the above text comes from media interviews)